Behind the Veil…

Mothman Empress, Veiled…. Author image.

Behind the veil…. Yes. This is the completed Mothman Empress art, currently in the hands of the fine art photographer with the hi-res file expected to be in my hands on Monday. From there, it goes to my book designer, who happens to be finished with the manuscript formatting and now she’s waiting on my final proofread. While we’re all proofreading, the designer will produce the new and final version of the book cover.

Proofreading. Ugh. To help with that tedious process, I’ve ordered a few paperback proof copies for my peeps to scrutinize with a new cover mock-up that includes an image of the empress photographed poorly with a crappy cell phone camera, so be it. Hence, THE VERSION OF THE BOOK COVER CURRENTLY ON AMAZON employs the mock-up, not what purchasers of the book will receive. The final version will be much better – namely, properly proportioned, with colors true to the artwork and the typography jiving better with that of the first book.

Meanwhile, I wanted to get something close to what the final cover is going to look like in front of people, even if it means that anybody paying attention to my updates is seeing a handful of different iterations prior to publication. The first version of the cover just wasn’t getting clicks and that’s just the way it goes in the design world, some things work and some don’t. So, it’s good to use a preorder scenario for a test run, as it were, no harm, no foul.

And for those who like that previous, very mythologized and graphic rendering of the empress, well, it appears as a full page illustration inside the text of the book!

Grayscale Empress. Author image.

And I think it looks every bit as cool in grayscale as full color. But we’ll see how folks respond. Which reminds me: PLEASE, if you like Time Crime and the idea of this series, don’t be shy about rating and reviewing the first book or the new book when it’s on Amazon – good reviews really help us fledgling indie authors out there. Thanks in advance to anyone who goes the extra mile to help out in that way!

The schedule, then? I’ll be burning through an e-copy of the typeset manuscript while I await delivery of the paperback proofs this Tuesday – somehow it’s far easier and more effective to proofread the manuscript as a printed book – and I’ll compile a list of proofreading feedback for my editor. It may take her a week (but I doubt it) to get through the corrections.

So, as a stretch goal, I’m allowing next week for everybody to do their proofreading and for the designer to complete the new book cover. That means that sometime within the second week of May I will be officially publishing Empire & Oracle and anybody who preordered the eBook will be getting it early!

Thanks to everyone who has been following the developments and (hopefully) enjoying the images of the MOTHMAN EMPRESS as things have very breathlessly changed seemingly at the last pre-publication minute. It’s crazy. And cool, too, to be a part of the nutty process of allowing the mythic images to do their work!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the Empress artwork which I promise to post before the book cover gets finished, bye for now….