Dime Grime: New Hire & Popsicle. Or, Whatever Happened to Carnegie Olson…?

Dime Grime: New Hire & Popsicle, Author image.

Dime Grime: New Hire & Popsicle. Yep, fake title. Meanwhile, I’ve been silent here for some time. Zero posts. I’ve been writing journal entries but they aren’t blog fodder. Too personal, too much about auto-therapy and otherwise too much of me writing my way through it. It? The struggle, that’s all.

But I’ve been editing my ass off, too. Above is an image of the fourth draft version for A. (my only beta reader) to get her hands and eyes upon – everyone knows, after all, that it’s much more pleasant to read a hard copy of a thing, and even better, a book version, even when it’s just a fourth draft. Hey, it’s a quick and cheap enough thing to do on KDP – slap together a crappy layout and cover – and get it delivered all within a day or two.


  • I’ve contracted with a new, one-stop editorial and production outfit. “One-stop” is a term we used to use when I worked in the music retail business decades ago. It’s where you can bundle all the otherwise disparate services required to get an indie book to market, namely, editing, proofreading, interior formatting/layout and the cover.
  • Phase 1: Cover design, complete no later than 2.28.22.
  • Phase 2: Line editing, complete no later than 4.11.22.
  • Phase 3: Formatting/Layout, complete no later than 5.9.22

May 9th, 2022, then. Expect Time Crime 2: Empire & Oracle. Yay! Well, within a day or two thereafter because it takes a bit of finagling to get it on Amazon (they have to approve my references and such) and Ingramspark and have them post it for sale.

Why so late? What happened, that is, to the proposed early 2022 release? Well, life. The self-editing is going more slowly than I envisioned. It was a stretch goal, anyway. As it stands, TC2 is one-hundred or so pages longer than TC1 and most of that has been added during the first three self-edits. I’m almost a third of the way into the fourth self-edit. And it was the fourth self-edit that I insisted be the minimum before I sought professional editing. Meanwhile, the business of indie publishing hasn’t stood still since my last effort. Schedules with vendors seem to be getting further and further out, so be it.

Now, with the beefier timeline, I’m convinced I ought to run the manuscript through at least one more self-edit, the fifth, while I’m waiting, as it were. You can’t have too many self-edits. You can run out of gas for the wholesale self-editing of your manuscript, to be sure, and you need to back away from it a couple times, which is difficult for folks like me who want to get the thing done. It’s therefore a balance between doing the due diligence on behalf of my own work and knowing when to let go and allow the world-of-action to have its way with it. Not that I’m surrendering everything to my new editor when it’s time. It’s a collaboration and here’s hoping it goes well.

There it is, then, me checking in with the update. That nobody asked for. Know that I’ve never stopped working on the manuscript. And during the next five months, when I get past the fifth TC2 edit, I’m gonna have a go at the second draft of TC3. And perhaps even get back into the first draft of TC4! Big plans. Meanwhile, established timelines.

P.S. I’ve decided not to pursue an audiobook version of TC2. It’s frankly too expensive – TC1 cost me $5,000 to produce and to date it has sold a meager 22 copies. At a revenue of something like $25. Pretty pathetic. A big loss that hurt. Hell, it was the reason I took that job at the home improvement store, working all those crazy hours and what have you, to pay for it. And then the time it took away from the editing of TC2 and all that. So be it. Anyway, when Findaway Voices emailed me to proclaim that they’ve sold out to (been purchased by) Spotify (yuck, I use Qobuz for my music streaming) I took it as an omen and encouragement to drop the idea completely. Here’s to print and eBook, folks.

P.P.S. I’m off Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. Well, I’m trying like hell to get off them – deleting an account seems to be akin to, I don’t know, getting gum off your shoe. Anyway, the crowd roars…! Because I always hated being on Facebook and the rest of social media. They tell wannabe authors to plaster themselves all over all the social media but, frankly, it just never seemed like me. Right here, my feed on Goodreads, my Amazon Author page and Substack is where you’ll find me!