Empire & Oracle. And a Brand New Blurb.

2nd cover Iteration, TC2

I spent the morning ranting and raving in my journal, which is mostly what it’s for – writing it out, that is – and rather than succumbing to the temptation to post any of it here and thereby blab about current events that in two or six months time will seem silly and irrelevant and otherwise tangent to the plot, such as it is, I’ve decided to keep all that to myself and focus on what really matters. Namely, book covers!

My editing of TC2 isn’t finished by a long shot. And this isn’t the final version of the cover. But it’s close. The subtitle? Empire & Oracle. Now that is nevertheless final, yay! And it’s all fun and good and makes me feel happy to look at it and talk about it and perhaps, if you’re a member of the tribe, you’ll appreciate this sneak peak. I may as well include the blurb, too. Enjoy!

THERE IS WAR IN THE HEAVENS. AND BLOOD UPON THE LAND. The Great Conflict rages and the Mothmen, desperate to wrest control of space-time from the megalomaniacal clutches of the Molemen, nefariously seek the Cosmic Clock component – the Golden Ball – igniting a diabolical battle for galactic supremacy that will shatter the foundations of the universe. Welcome to TIME CRIME 2: EMPIRE & ORACLE, where the warped machinations and mysterious influence of the Scarab Cult lure Mr. Z. headlong into the past – 1954 Bombay, 19th century Haida Gwaii and beyond – fracturing the forces of the Time Detective Contingent and plunging Vixy and Neutic into the dark heart of 13th century Angkor Wat. Only supernatural redemption, uncanny courage and the fraught heroics of a familiar yet alien outcast can avert pan-galactic chaos and cosmic ruin.

The stretch goal is, again, to publish in the fall. But no later than September or, in a pinch, October. I’ve been told that end-of-year releases are problematic for potential professional reviewers and publications that like to compile annual lists, if I were to be so fortunate. They rather prefer to consider and include things within the proper year of publication. Instead of, say, this didn’t come out until December of 2021, we didn’t get to it until January of 2022, or later, now where do we put it? I completely understand. Hence, I want TC2, akin to TC1, to reside completely within its publication year with a lot of elbow room to get noticed, heaven help us all.

Meanwhile, hey, fake it till you make it! And if nothing else, it’s wise to get out in front of the holiday season so as to give folks time to perhaps notice a book that otherwise doesn’t make any reviews or lists. Worst case, too, I may decide to publish a chapter or two as teasers along the way, in the manner, somewhat, of the old-fashioned serialized novels that appeared in magazines, piece by piece until finally arriving a novels.

Which reminds me that Amazon is offering another new thing (besides their own case laminate hardcovers) – a beta version of VELLA, which is apparently intended to allow writers to publish and get paid for their stories appearing as ongoing episodes versus finished books. Whether this type of option turns out to be a value-add for writers like me, I’m not at all sure yet. But there you have it, the ever-changing phenomenon of indie publishing. I suppose they could’ve called it samsara….

News flash: I’ve just heard from my book designer and she anticipates getting the final cover to me sometime next week, we’ll see – ya’ll will be the first to know!