Empire & Oracle update: Paperback & Hardcover are LIVE on Amazon!


Great news everybody!

  • We got it done a little early – all formats of EMPIRE & ORACLE are now live on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09PH6V7T8?binding=paperback&ref=dbs_dp_rwt_sb_pc_tbk
  • The eBook remains a presale until preorders ship this Monday the 23rd.
  • If you purchase your books outside of Amazon, and especially if you are interested in a dustcover styled hardcover, you’ll have to wait a bit for Time Crime 2 because my distributor (Ingramspark) is still processing the files. Ultimately, it will be available wherever books are sold and in libraries, too, just like the first book.
  • There will be no audiobook version of the new book, sorry (I can’t afford the $6,000 it costs to produce!)

If you’re wondering why the Amazon paperback and hardcover of Empire & Oracle costs $1.00 more than the first book, it’s because the new novel is quite a bit longer than Time Crime, hence it costs more to manufacture, that’s all.

Meanwhile, the Amazon retail price of the eBook remains the same since the file size didn’t kick it into a higher electronic delivery fee. Amazon is responsible for the sale price, not me, so we’ll see if they lower the price down the road….

And speaking of prices, unfortunately, it now costs a great deal more money to manufacture and distribute my books outside of Amazon. It was always more expensive via Ingramspark, but especially within the last year, my costs have skyrocketed. Hence, on Barnes & Noble, a.k.a. Waterstones, for example, well, the prices will speak for themselves. And believe me, my profit remains the same wherever you buy the book, it’s not my intention to gouge anyone.

But enough about the money. Here’s hoping ya’ll enjoy the new novel – happy reading! Spread the word, everything you can do to help grow the Time Crime tribe helps. Including ratings and reviews – it’s all about the algorithms these days. Thanks!