Empowered: Audiobook Giveaway – Limited Time


Audiobook giveaway codes are here! Would you like to listen to the brand new audiobook version of Time Crime for FREE?

Just email me at carnegie@carnegieolson.com (or use the contact form here on the website) and I’ll reply with a giveaway code – a link, actually, that will connect you to Authors Direct where you can set up your account, if you don’t have one, and get your copy. (You won’t see the novel listed there yet because it’s still in the process of being distributed to retailers – you need the giveaway code to get it now). You’ll be listening in a heartbeat –  it’s all very straightforward technology and in just a few clicks you’ll be enjoying David Stifel’s compelling narration!

Worried that you’ll be stuck on my email list and I’ll start spamming you? Forget it. I don’t collect email addresses electronically or otherwise – you will not be contacted by me with offers for anything. I hate being pestered like that myself. I belong to a handful of email lists and I’m always poised to unsubscribe from those as soon as they piss me off. Anyway, I’ve nothing else to offer or otherwise promote besides the novel. At least until I manage to edit and publish and pay for the next book. But you’ll have to trust me on that, so be it. I’ve got the codes and they’re here for the taking. Until they’re gone, that is.

The image? That’s a miniature Nick Cave, his glow-in-the-dark red right hand being empowered with the beam from my flashlight. Then I stand there and watch it glow. Crazy shit? Oh, the power of mythology….