It’s Worth It


George had never worked harder than in those early months of 1968, nor enjoyed his work more. When in February a young friend whose poetry he admired wrote to complain that the writer’s life was too tough for him, George urged him to persevere, even though it might lead him into poverty and loneliness and long periods of obscurity. “That’s the way poets are tried and tested,” he insisted. “It’s worth it.”[1]

If anyone is interested in another fine story of another unconventional writer’s life I recommend Maggie Fergusson’s biography of the Orkney based Scottish poet George Mackay Brown.

I myself began submitting my writing for publication in 1990, from my modest hovel of a basement apartment in Astoria, Queens. The story of those long ago days in Queens appears in some older blog posts and the story of my poetry failures and little victories appears elsewhere in the journal I’ve mentioned, perhaps I’ll post those entries here someday.  Otherwise, much news!

  • The Goodreads Giveaway is over and I’ve shipped paperback copies to the winners – seventeen in the U.S. and three in Canada – this morning. Congratulations to winners and thank you to all who took the trouble to enter!

As before, with the first giveaway, if you entered and didn’t win and would still like a copy of the novel in any format – hardcover, paperback, eBook or audiobook – just email me (, I’ll check your name against the winner list I received from Goodreads and don’t forget to provide your mailing address if you’d like a print copy. I won’t spam you or otherwise use your email or mailing address for anything but delivering your book, you’ll just have to trust me on that. Anyway, giveaways are fun and here’s hoping anyone who likes the book takes the time to review or rate it – such things are so important to the fledgling author.

  • Bookfunnel giveaway! I find that the promos, established as they are by independent Bookfunnel members, as it were, have their own idiosyncratic requirements for acceptance, namely, whether you have to share the giveaway on social media, your newsletter maintains a readership of a certain significance, you have a Bookfunnel landing page, what have you, to say nothing of the compatible nature of the content and book cover. And perhaps sufficient sales. The first one I attempted to join was a bust and they never even emailed me to let me know I wasn’t in, least of all why not.

Anyway, these things may be a bit risky – I’m not very comfortable with getting involved in little private promotions but then again the indie nature of them appeals to me, too. So, hey, I’m going with my gut and trying again. Hence, I joined a giveaway entitled “Fall Space Adventures” which runs 9/3 – 10/9. So, click on the link below (it’s “coming soon” because, again, it begins Thursday, Sept. 3) and TC shows up down the page a bit, hooray! In the end, for those perhaps disinclined to offer up their email address willy nilly, least of all to me, consider it an alternative way to get a free eBook of Time Crime!

  • The audiobook is finally up on Amazon (the book’s amazon page will eventually have all the formats linked) and their affiliate! Whew! It’s a very big deal because this is where, apparently, most folks these days are purchasing their audiobooks. Follow the link of your choice if you’re curious:



  • Yesterday was also great because I sold an eBook on for the first time – Yay! Thank you, Canada! – so nice to finish a month with a new reader and a potential new tribe member – here’s hoping you enjoy the book! Perhaps, dear new reader, you were inspired by my new ad campaign, perhaps not, consider shooting me an email to let me know how you came to the book, but no worries, anonymity is okay, too. Otherwise and anyway, devoted readers will know that Vixy is from British Columbia.

Otherwise, it was a nice August for the novel – thanks again to the Goodreads entrants. Thanks and welcome to the handful of new “followers” of the book reviews and the blog. And a very special thanks to everyone in the U.K., USA and the Great White North who took a chance, put their hard-earned cash on the line and purchased a copy of Time Crime – you are the best, it keeps me going.

  • UPDATE: My digital copy of the September issue Locus Magazine arrived today – I especially look forward to the print version coming later this month.

Readers my recall that I splurged on an advertisement, very nice, and of course the designer, Jennifer Grant of is getting a free copy of the book because she was so professional and timely and loves sci-fi! Anyway, Locus is a cool magazine for sci-fi fans, I’ve recommended it before and I’m doing it again:

[1] Maggie Fergusson, George Mackay Brown: The Life, (London: John Murray, 2007 [2006]), 200. The quotation is GMB’s.