Paradox Lost


“Sir. Five reports damage to his equipment suffered within the R40 worm hole – a three-sphere warp has been detected and we’re still engineering a reconciliation. Meanwhile, the parallax forced him to emerge at Dahshur.” – Time Crime, p.102

Wow! Paradox lost and fact meets fiction! Check out the latest newsworthy TIME TRAVEL research: Germain Tobar and Fabio Costa of the University of Queensland have sought to resolve the logical inconsistencies – the so-called “grandfather paradox” for example – that have hindered full-blown legitimization of the theory of time travel. The Science Alert article includes a link to Tobar & Costa’s published paper entitled, “Reversible Dynamics with Closed Time-like Curves and Freedom of Choice” and the NPR article includes a comment by popular sci-fi-time-travel author Blake Crouch. AWESOME…!